Daystar Samoyeds Pre-Placement Questionnaire

I am very protective of my puppies. I would never knowingly place any puppy in a household that I feel cannot give it great care and the attention it needs. To make sure that neither you nor I waste each otherís time, please provide the answers to some basic questions below before you ask to purchase a puppy. Your honest answers will help me decide if I feel you can properly accommodate a puppy and which one might be best for you. I choose which puppy to place in each home based on your responses and I try to match the puppy's temperament to the lifestyle of the family. Rest assured I am not trying to judge you as a person, but only wish to place each precious puppy in the best possible home. Thanks. We reserve the right to do a home visit, contact your vet, and contact your neighbors, as we see fit.

New Pricing Effective for buyers who place deposits after January 1, 2020.

Puppy Pricing:  $3,000 for pet puppies on Limited AKC Registration,
                        $3,500 for show/breeding puppies on Full AKC Registration (plus stud rights or one puppy back from her first breeding)
Deposit Policy:  $200 non-refundable deposit due before your puppy is born, to hold your place in line.
                         $300 additional deposit when your puppy is born, to help with any vet fees associated with the births.
                        The balance of $2,500 for a pet or $3,000 for a show puppy in cash the day you pick the puppy up from us.

                I am also putting together "Supplies" packages for those who want to pick up what they need from me instead of finding and buying it themselves.  These need to be paid for when ordered, but will save you time and trouble.  See the Prices page for details.

Please cut-and-paste the following questions and your responses into the body of an e-mail and send it to me at Thanks. I will respond as quickly as possible to further discuss your interest in Daystar Samoyeds.   By the way, an attachment gets lost in downloads from other families, so pasting into the body of your email is the easiest way for me to access your questionnaire from time to time as needed.  Thanks for helping me with my limited computer organizational skills.

  1. Name of each individual in your home
  2. Full Mailing Address (include city, state, zip)
  3. Phone numbers (all contact numbers)
  4. Email Address(es)
  5. What sex of puppy do you prefer?  If either sex is okay, let us know.  We can't predict the number of boys and girls in a litter, and flexibility may help us place a puppy with you sooner.
  6. What is your personal experience with dogs?   At what age did your previous dog(s) leave your care and what was the cause of that loss?
  7. What would you do differently with a new dog that you didn't do with the last one?
  8. Have you owned a Samoyed before and, if not, why do you want a one?
  9. Does everyone in your household want this puppy/dog?  If a spouse is somewhat hesitant, let me speak with him or her to answer any questions.  We want the puppy to be eagerly accepted by everybody in the home.
  10. Who is going to be in charge of dog training and discipline?
  11. Do you own or rent a house? Do you have a fenced yard?
  12. How many hours a day are you gone from home?
  13. Do you have a plan for puppy care mid-day if everyone is gone from home for more than 5 hours per day? What is that plan?
  14. Where will the puppy stay when you are not at home while at work?  What about trips where you can't take the puppy?
  15. Where will the puppy sleep?
  16. Will you commit to feeding Life's Abundance Dog Food for at least two years to prevent food-related health problems in your dog?  See
  17. What type of daily interaction do you foresee between yourself and your puppy? Do you consider your family "couch potatoes," "active and outdoorsy" or somewhere in the middle?
  18. Do you enjoy running/jogging, biking, cross country skiing, roller skating or blading, or other similar outdoor sports that your dog could do with you?
  19. What other pets are in your household? Please provide the name and phone number of your vet if you have pets now.
  20. Will you take your dog to at least one obedience training class? Do you know where classes are offered near you?
  21. Are you aware of the grooming and other special needs of a Samoyed? Please read the page "Is A Samoyed For Me?" on this website and comment on it.
  22. Can you make a commitment to this dog for its entire lifetime (12-16 years)?  This is especially important if you are a young, single adult who will undergo many changes of lifestyle during this dog's lifespan.  If you are under 30 years old, we should discuss this issue in some detail before you commit to a puppy.