Rescue vs Responsible Breeding?

By Beret Walsh


You can’t claim to love dogs and then be only in favor of rescue.  It just doesn’t work.

If you truly love dogs and want the best for the species, you NEED to also support the idea of responsible breeding.  If the only dogs you deem acceptable to own are the messes made by irresponsible breeding bought through the proxy of rescue, and you demonize the practice of preservation breeding, then what you’re saying is that the only dogs that should have a place in this world are those bred irresponsibly.

We should want – DEMAND – better for our dogs.  And that means advocating for the breeding of better dogs.  Dogs that can live long, happy lives.

Responsible rescue will always be necessary, but if we continue to vilify and discourage responsible breeding – we won’t have any healthy dogs left to enjoy.  And both we and our dogs deserve better than that.

Off my soap box.