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Home of "Willow,"

Ch. Daystar's Cool Prophecy,

who took Winner's Bitch

and Best of Winners

at the 2012 Samoyed Club of America National Specialty

in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania



Introducing:  Whisperwind's French Garden at Daystar (Whisper)


Effen x Lily "Yellow Girl"


This is the second dog we have named Whisper.  Her namesake was our first home-bred champion, a confident (read:  Dominant) dog who barked at everything that moved and was the only dog we ever debarked.  This one reminds me of Whisper the first in the litterbox.  But she is too beautiful in head, structure and movement to pass up.  I am pleased to co-own her with her breeder, Aleta Canady. 





News Flash!

Both Lucas (Daystar's Star Wars Dreamer) and Faith (Daystar's Prophetic Faith) finished their championships over the past two months.  Faith took her final points (she only needed one single point) in a 3-point major and a Best of Breed over specials at Richmond, Virginia owner-handled by Cherie. 


Upcoming Breeding Plans 

We are waiting for several of our girls to come back into season this summer or fall.  We plan to breed Willow, Purity, Caydee, Faith and Promise.  Hopefully they won't all come into season at once!  We are still deciding on the sires for these litters. 

So if you are interested in a puppy, please cut and paste your replies to my Puppy Questionnaire into an e-mail to  I will get back to you within a day or two.  If for some reason you don't hear from me within that time, please phone me at 757-615-4540.  Thanks!

                 What is a Samoyed Like?

Willow at 2 years old

True at 3 years

Beautiful, majestic, friendly, great with children - that is the Samoyed.  But he is not just a beautiful dog; he is a working dog, very capable of independent thought and able to pull a sled, herd, or assist the family in almost any work required of him.  That beautiful coat doesn't stay that way itself.  Much combing and care goes into grooming him.  He also needs obedience training or he will train himself in ways you won't appreciate.   In the right family, he makes a perfect pet.